• Capsule Doses

  • Original piece of Bohemian glass in a shape of capsule hides its content as a treausre. The completely hand-made Capsule dose is great example of combination of glass art and precise craftmanship. The result is a practical airthigh dose in unique design.
  • The Capsule Doses are made in Triplex and Premium Collection. The Triplex collection is made of the most difficult technique of over-layered glass.

Dimension: H 216 x Dia 100 mm

Weight: 0.5 kg

Techniques: overlayered hand blown glass

Colour variations:

  1. Triplex Collection
  2.    Outside: Opal, Black
  3.    Inside: Amber, Ametyst, Green, Pink, Smoke
  4. Premium Collection
  5. Bohemian Crystal with Soda, Golden Mica or Silver Mica