Czevitrum in Nürnberg!

The Prager Kunstsalon gallery in Nürnberg is our next partner in Bavaria, which is promoting our handcrafted Czevitrum products. We are delighted, that charming and graceful ladies from Hinze family were enchanted by our unique design.

Czevitrum in Munich!



Czevitrum had the honour to deliver its first hand made ashtrays Salamander and Nuo to Zechbauer Tabakwaren on the prestigous address Residenzsstrasse 10 in Munich. The Zechbauer family conducts its business for seven generations since 1830 and was awarded by “First Davidoff Golden Bands Award” in 2013. Two years later was nominated among TOP 3 for best performance in Europe.

untergeschoss zechbauer-zigarren-1 salamander_blue

Ambiente in Frankfurt, February 2015

Czevitrum launched its new product line of ceiling lights and has completed the series coming from the design and technical solution of Onyx and Oasis lighting elements and dining accessories.

We would like to thank to all our visitors and business partners, and are looking forward to see you at the next fair Ambiente in Frankfurt am Main.

Vielen Dank und auf Wiedersehen!


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