Maya Selva likes our Salamander!

Czevitrum was invited to present its handmade crystal ashtrays during the event in Whisky & Cigars shop in Berlin. We are delighted that one of our customers is Ms. Maya Selva. The successful lady, who owns 3 brands producing handmade cigars in Hoduras and Nicaragua. Currently you can find our ashtrays in Whisky & Cigars in the center of Berlin as well.

Hallo Berlin! Czevitrum in the capital of Germany

Hombre Habanos Dr. Maximilian Herzog visited personally our production of the handmade ashtrays Salamander in Nový Bor region. Czevitrum is nowadays the proud supplier of the famous cigar shop “Herzog am Hafen in Berlin”!

Grüezi! Czevitrum in Switzerland!

Czevitrum has the honour to enter the Swiss market in cooperation with UrsPortmann in Kreuzlingen and St.Gallen. UrsPortmann is considered as a family company which gained its recognition by the cigar experts from Swiss and foreign countries as well.